The Constant Question: Why do I need to learn this?

Written by Brandy Jackson, CEO, Scoutlier by Aecern

In 7th grade, my son started struggling. School got exponentially harder, with more tests, and fewer projects. School became more about what could be regurgitated than what could be done with the knowledge that was gained. At the same time, most school-led conversations about the future made a concrete link between college and success. There was no discussion of what to DO in college, or even discussion of how colleges were DIFFERENT, just that success required more SCHOOL.

“Why do I need to learn this? When will I ever use it?” became a regular question. 

Sounds familiar right? Unfortunately, for decades, the response has often been, “I don’t know, but it will be on the test.” Educators provide this lackluster answer because inside we are also asking, “Why am I teaching this?”

We built Career ConnectED Learning resources as a concrete answer to WHY learn anything. This approach focuses on creating diverse learning opportunities that integrate workforce development into traditional classroom settings with an overarching goal of benefiting students of all ages and saving teachers time. Join us to explore how Career ConnectED Learning can empower students, bridge the gap between education and workforce development, and provide educators with the tools to shape the future of career-focused education in any classroom content area at any age. The younger, the better.

Career ConnectED Resources

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Meet Brandy Jackson, CEO

Brandy has been an educator for over 23 years. In her time in the classroom, she has served thousands of students in many areas of STEM. Her excitement about teaching and learning has earned her opportunities to continuously share her knowledge with schools and organizations throughout the country.


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