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Maximize Your Career-Connected Learning Investment by Overcoming These 5 K-12 Investment Barriers

Discover a transformative approach to K-12 career-connected learning through our awarded Career ConnectED playbook, designed to overcome 5 key barriers to effective implementation. By leveraging engaging strategies and accessible technologies, we’re reshaping education to provide meaningful, rewarding experiences for students while preparing them for promising careers, and we invite you to be part of this impactful journey.

Teacher Story – Brandy Jackson

My journey as a teacher has been wild and winding. As a military spouse, I have worked in 9 districts, taught nine subject areas and eight different grade levels. I have worked in tiny schools of only 180 students k-12 and been Teacher of the Year in a district of 24,000 teachers. I have become a master of adapting to new systems, curriculums, and technology tools. I had to for survival, so it is pretty rare for me to see something in EdTech that is so new and transformative that it makes me stop and recognize that something is different, but that is exactly what happened with Scoutlier.


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