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Scoutlier is a FREE learning platform that lets educators easily create, deliver, and assess engaging, differentiated, project-based lessons to meet the needs of all learners.


Break down complex tasks into manageable steps and provide targeted support.


Provide multiple paths through content and varied ways for students to demonstrate understanding.


Support diverse learning styles and make content more engaging!


Check for understanding and provide real-time feedback to students

Scoutlier Programs and Community Content Awaits

SparkED Programs

Ignite a love for learning in Elementary Students.

EngagED Programs

Prepare Secondary Students for the future.

ElevatED Educator

Elevate your teaching even further.

Increased Engagement
0 %

94.9% of students completed more assignments using Scoutlier.

Improved Outcomes
0 %

87.2% of students produced higher quality work with Scoutlier.

Teacher Time Savings
0 %

Scoutlier cut grading time by 80% and student support needs by 81%.

Equity for All
0 %

100% of ELLs and students with IEPs showed gains in work quality and completion.

Differentiated Assignments & Seamless Integration

Assign self-paced, interactive lessons

to your entire class, small groups, or individual students with just a few clicks!

Deliver content in multiple formats

including text, audio, video, and images, to ensure accessibility for all learners.

Access Lessons anytime, anywhere

with offline functionality that enables students to continue learning even without an internet connection.

Integrate with your existing tools

including Google Classroom, Canvas or any other LMS, and your core/supplemental curriculum.

Developed in partnership with MIT Critical Data, the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Defense, Scoutlier delivers validated results in diverse classrooms and districts worldwide.

“We are excited to partner with Scoutlier because we need this platform to sustain the innovation at Linda Vista Innovation Center. Our innovation educators gain new skills in STEM as they work in our center. So often they grow into new careers. While we are happy for them, we need our programs to still be sustainable and scalable. Scoutlier makes this possible for us.”

— Bryan Glasud | San Diego County Office of Education

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