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Scoutlier: Your Ultimate

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Scoutlier is a FREE research-proven, experiential learning app that is designed to help you streamline, enhance and customize your lessons. Scoutlier allows you to easily build accessible and meaningful lessons based on your curriculum. Available on any device, your students will grasp knowledge more independently and foster a deeper engagement with each activity. Track their learning journey in real time, monitoring their progress every step of the way. Crafting engaging experiential learning lessons has never been easier!


Who is it for?

“This platform is awesome for the world we are teaching in right now. I can easily do this in my classroom whether students are in front of me or at home. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!”

Liz Russillo
Science Department Chair, Smithfield High School
2020 Rhode Island Teacher of the Year

How does it work?


Build or borrow accessible and meaningful lessons

Then group and organize your curriculum and materials into different assignments, tasks and learning steps. 


Assign self-paced, interactive lessons

Set up your classrooms and assign lessons to your students as self-paced, scaffolding digital forms with interactive step-by-step tasks. 

Students have the ability to document their work in multiple different formats under each structured task or step. 

Add additional supports, such as supplementary instructional resources for diverse learning styles and skill building. 

You can also embed cross-disciplinary learning, career connections and real-world challenges.


Get real-time progress and provide timely, targeted intervention

Scoutlier provides real-time student progress views so you can provide timely, targeted intervention and coaching.

Measure student performance and engagement, and let Scoutlier’s automated grading tool do the work of grading the lessons. 

Get Inspired

Explore some of the innovative ways fellow educators employ their teaching strategies with Scoutlier.

Career Preparedness

Prepare your students for skill-based careers through Scoutlier’s experiential learning capabilities. Capture and document skill acquisition and experiential learning to prep students for real-life challenges.


From Art and Music to PE, Robotics, and more, educators leverage Scoutlier’s ability to monitor progress and conduct performance checks.

Special Education & English Language Learners

Bolster Special Education and English Language Learner Programs with structured, adaptable lessons that meet students where they are. Accommodate diverse needs through options such as text, audio, video and images.

Credit Recovery

Use Scoutlier to help bridge learning gaps. Help students get back on track with personalized, scaffolded lessons. These self-directed activities aid with foundational skill mastery, propelling them toward future success.

Field Work

Scoutlier travels beyond the confines of the classroom walls! Capture and collect data with Scoutlier’s mobile-friendly design during fieldwork or trips. Students collaborate by researching and analyzing findings, enriching their learning experience.

Out-of-School Programs

Extend learning beyond classrooms with Scoutlier. For example, STEAM teachers in charge of Robotics Clubs use Scoutlier to elevate FIRST®’s robotics projects, guiding participants to successful outcomes.

Never go it alone

Join our Community of Practice

Scoutlier knows teachers learn so much from other teachers. Whether they share ideas and strategies in the teacher’s workroom, PLCs, or more formal organizations, teachers helping teachers is where the magic happens. These communities of practice where people share a passion for teaching learn how to do it better as they interact regularly. We spoke with Kathryn Eller of East Bay Education Collaborative (EBEC) about how Scoutlier supports its Learning Community.

We would love to support your learning community or join our Community of Practice to share and discover strategies to make your teaching and instruction even stronger. We would love to learn with you!



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