Empower, Educate, Excel: Scoutlier’s Vision for Dynamic Professional Growth

Written by Beth Price, Instructional Design Lead, Scoutlier by Aecern

It’s December, so I am already thinking about the new year. 2024 will be filled with new experiences and meaningful connections, and I want to be sure to start it amazingly. I think about how much I have learned and grown in 2023. I’ve attended conferences and trainings. I’ve read articles and conducted research. I’ve used AI to assist with curriculum development. All of these practices aided with my personal and professional objectives, but what was my main goal? My focus wasn’t on one skill or topic. Reflecting, I can see that my focus was very diverse. And, as a matter of fact, I feel that most of the trainings I attended this year were either ineffective or left more to be desired, which brings me to my goal for this year.

My goal for 2024 is to empower teachers with effective training and tools that work immediately and drive student engagement in the classroom. As a veteran educator, I’ve witnessed first-hand the problems of unengaged and disinterested students. Moreover, for several years, schools and well-meaning decision-makers have found and implemented various educational technology programs meant to close learning gaps, differentiate instruction, and provide supplemental materials. While the programs have been researched and tested, they have been given to teachers without input or consideration of individual classroom needs. These programs are often viewed as a fix-all for deficiencies in classroom instruction. Still, without a proper implementation plan and the consideration of individual teacher needs, there will never be a remedy. And without these considerations, many teachers feel a loss of autonomy in their own environment.

Teachers are one of society’s greatest assets and exceptionally smart people. Traditionally trained teachers have been educated in strategies, management, and psychology needed to work in a classroom. Similarly, those entering the teaching profession in alternative ways hopefully have the same skills shared with them through mentors and fellow teachers. No matter the path, it takes years to hone the skills, but every year of experience makes teachers wise in their practice. Using the wealth of knowledge gained from experience makes an educator feel a sense of accomplishment. Lesson planning can be arduous, but when the plan works, a feeling of satisfaction keeps them going, knowing that they are meeting the needs of their students.

Keeping teachers at the center of my purpose, I will meet, listen to, and inspire teachers. This year, Scoutlier is visiting many different places all over the country to support teachers in their daily opportunities to provide scaffolded, engaging lessons for every student. What if you could attend a training session close to you, earn renewal credit, and walk out with a lesson and resources to use the next day? Those are the goals of our new professional development sessions. EngagED Learning with Scoutlier is an interactive session for teachers as they learn about how to use our free, award-winning platform to create scaffolded, engaging, and purposeful learning for all students. We have wonderful partners, so the sessions are offered at a very affordable cost to you. 

Interested in knowing more? You can email me at bethprice@aecern.com for more information or click on the link below and complete the form. Join us for the day and reignite your autonomy and excitement for your classroom.


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