Who can view student data?

Data and student responses associated with a Scoutlier Assignment are only accessible to teachers and students in the teacher’s assigned Google Classroom.

Scoutlier does not control access to student or teacher data once it has been downloaded from Scoutlier.

How does Scoutlier help keep student data safe?

Scoutlier takes protecting your security and privacy seriously and we’ve put a number of measures in place to protect the integrity of your information.

  • Scoutlier uses SSL security at the network level to ensure all account information and journal content is transmitted securely.
  • Assignment Content (e.g., the photos, video, audio, data, text and other content you add to your Scoutlier assignment) is encrypted at rest.
  • Account information is stored in highly secure, access-controlled data centers operated by industry leading partners with years of experience in large-scale data centers.
  • No customer information is stored on individual Aecern, LLC employee computers.
  • Aecern, LLC has taken the Student Privacy Pledge.

Where is my data stored?

Aecern, LLC contracts with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide data center and server hosting services for Scoutlier. Amazon has robust security practices and is contractually prohibited from using any personal information that is stored on servers they operate for any purpose other than to operate the Scoutlier service.

Scoutlier and Parental Consent

We require that teachers or schools get parental consent before using Scoutlier with children who are under the age when they can grant consent on their own.  This age may vary based on where you live. For example, in the US that age is younger than 13. You should check your local laws to determine the relevant age in your country.  If you are aware Scoutlier is collecting information from a student without parental consent, please contact us immediately at help@scoutlier.com and we will delete the data.

From whom does Scoutlier collect data?

Teachers, students, schools, and users of Google Classroom may create accounts on Scoutlier.  We also collect limited log-data from all visitors to our website.

What information does Scoutlier collect?

  • Account Information: When teachers create an account on Scoutlier we collect your information populated from a third party sign-in service, such as their Google account, as well as grades and courses taught if you enter them into your Account Settings.
  • Student’s information is populated from the student’s account with a third party sign-in service, such as their Google account.
  • Assignment Content: Scoutlier collects content that is added to an Assignment.  This content may be photos, audio recordings, movie recordings, quantitative and qualitative form data, files, notes, hyperlinks, and other ways of documenting student learning. Assignment Content that is uploaded by a student or teacher may be considered a student education record as defined by FERPA.
  • Assignments: Teachers may use Scoutlier to create assignments to use with their students.  Assignments may include text instructions and hyperlinks to external resources for how to complete the assignment.
  • Assignment Author Profiles: Teachers who choose to share assignments to the Scoutlier Shared Library also share their sign in email address.
  • Information from your Google Account: Scoutlier allows teachers and students (after being invited by a teacher) to sign up for and log into our service using a Google Account. When you sign up for an account using a Google Account, we use the name, profile picture, and email address (if available) from this service.
  • Usage Analytics Data: When you use Scoutlier, we receive log data such as your IP address, browser type, operating system, device information, and your mobile carrier. In addition, we may receive or collect additional information such as the referring web page, referring search terms, and pages visited.

Third Party Web-Sites

Aecern, LLC is not responsible for the privacy polices of any other web-site, even if that web-site is linked to ours. Aecern, LLC recommends that you review the privacy policy of every web-site that you visit.

Changes to the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use

Aecern, LLC reserves the right to modify or change the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use at any time. We will post significant changes to the Privacy Policy on this page, which shall be your notice of the change. If you continue to use the Scoutlier after the change has been posted, you will be deemed to have agreed to the change. Therefore, Aecern, LLC encourages you to check this Privacy Policy frequently.Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the Aecern, LLC Privacy Policy.

Scoutlier is a not-for-profit venture supported by Aecern, LLC a Massachusetts limited liability company.


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