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Scoutlier’s comprehensive curriculum library helps teachers to create engaging, differentiated, and inspiring learning experiences for students of all ages and abilities. We organize content into 3 directories to meet the needs of all educators and students.

Community Library

Discover a wealth of engaging lessons and activities created by educators and organizations around the world in our Community Library. This growing collection of free content spans all subjects and grade levels, providing teachers with a diverse array of resources to create equitable learning opportunities for any student. Adapt and customize content to perfectly suit your classroom’s needs. For free!

Featured/Curated Library

Sometimes there’s just great content that needs to be highlighted!  Our Featured Library contains a growing collection of exceptional free resources that helps you get the right lessons to the right students at exactly the right time!

Editorially reviewed… Added by Admin…. Curated… Quality freebies from our Partners… popular/trending content

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Expert Library

Scoutlier’s Expert Library features research-driven, evidence-based content developed by leading educators and institutions. These carefully curated programs are designed to promote engagement, critical thinking, and real-world skills. Explore our Expert Library collections

SparkED Programs

Ignite a love for learning in Elementary Students.

EngagED Programs

Prepare Secondary Students for the future.

ElevatED Educator

Elevate your teaching further.

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Explore Scoutlier’s Curriculum Library today to access a world of engaging, inspiring, and effective learning resources. With Scoutlier, you have the power to create unforgettable learning experiences that will ignite your students’ passion for knowledge and prepare them for a bright future.

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