Experiential Learning

Scoutlier helps to design, deliver and assess experiential learning in real-time. As teachers, we know that our students learn best by doing. Students succeed when they interact with content, practice skills, and apply what they know to real applications. As we return to school and face-to-face learning, students are eager to learn through hands-on learning.


Scoutlier offers flexibility for teachers creating various assignments—a quick exit ticket, a project check-in, or a detail-scaffolded lesson—allowing students to work independently. There are many ways Scoutlier can support your teaching.
Scoutlier works on any device and integrates with your school’s existing LMS, and it fits in with your current learning environment.


Scoutlier saves teachers time. Create an assignment, or select one from our library. See your students’ progress in real-time. Evaluate student responses (video, images, text, etc.) from a single window without opening each assignment. Or have Scoutlier auto-grade some work.


Scoutlier has partnered with other content providers and organizations to develop curriculum and activities that you can immediately use with your students or modify to meet your needs. We have a growing community of practice that share teacher-created activities for you to use.


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