Scoutlier is a product of Aecern, LLC.  At Aecern, LLC our pledge is to carry out responsible stewardship and appropriate use of student personal information and safeguard student privacy and information security.  
✔     Students and their schools own the work added to Scoutlier.  We don’t own the content you add to Scoutlier.
✔     We never sell your data or student data.
✔     We do not advertise on the Scoutlier platform.
✔     Student work is private to the teacher's Google Classroom by default.  Student work is not visible to those outside of the Google Classroom roster unless downloaded by the teacher from the Scoutlier Assignment.
✔     We use the latest security industry best practices to protect you.
✔     We are compliant with COPPA.
We have requested to become a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge.

For more details regarding the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, please see here.
Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the Aecern, LLC Privacy Policy by using the Contact link at or send us an email at
Scoutlier is a not-for-profit venture supported by Aecern, LLC a Massachusetts limited liability company.
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