Teachers are a creative lot and find a way to do incredible things to help their students succeed. Explore some of the ways our fellow teachers have used Scoutlier and find some inspiration.

Career Preparedness

Preparing your students for a skills-based career? Scoutlier is the perfect tool to capture experiential learning and document acquisitions of skills.


Art, Music, PE, Robotics and World Language teachers use Scoultier to document progress and conduct performance check-ins.

  • Art students working on a ceramics project or painting can document their progress with photos and video and explain their process and next steps.
  • World language students can record a reading of a passage.
  • PE students can capture that perfect yoga pose and correct form.
  • Music students can record their demonstrated mastery of a section of music.

Credit Recovery

Students can fall behind for a variety of reasons. Scoultier activities can help them recover and get back on track. Teachers create scaffolded, self-directed learning activities to help students master the foundation skills and knowledge to bring them up to speed for future success. Explore ideas to support students’ credit recovery.

Field Work and Field Trips

Scoutlier is designed to collect data and work on mobile devices. Are you going out in the field? Use Scoutlier to capture images of the environment and collect data. This data can be used for students to collaborate on research and draw conclusions. How about a field trip? Use Scoutlier to create a field trip guide and have students gather evidence or document learning during the trip.

Special Education

Scoutlier provides a simple, useable tool to help ensure that learning goals are effectively and efficiently delivered. Explore sample curriculum and uses of Scoutlier in Special Education. Scoutlier:

  • Structures and breaks down lessons into intuitive, discrete tasks and steps with instructions provided as text, audio, video, or images.
  • Allows them to document their work using their choice of (teacher-enabled) modes, including video, audio, text, multiple-choice, and data tables.
  • Provides an intelligent authoring tool to build personalized, scaffolded lessons and embed necessary accommodations rapidly.
  • Allows teachers to assign lessons to a whole class, groups, or individual student.
  • Tracks individual student and whole-class progress in real-time.

Out-of-School Programs

Do you run a club or scouting program? Scoutlier can support your members’ activities. For example, in FIRST @ Home, robotic clubs use Scoutlier activities to guide participants through the FIRST activities, leading them to success.

  • STEM and Robotics Clubs use Scoutlier to work on projects.
  • Scouting troops use Scoutlier to guide participants and document badge work.


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