Scoutlier is a highly versatile online learning platform that supports a wide range of learning activities for a wide range of learners. It has been designed to make it easy and quick to build, borrow and share lessons suited to your students and curriculum needs. And since your learners can access your teaching anywhere, on any device, you can differentiate, track and encourage each individual’s learning paths.   

Create Learning Resources

Build, Borrow or Adapt... and Share

With our intuitive, intelligent-design “Quick Author” you can build an activity from scratch in minutes, or take teaching materials you already have and convert them into an online lesson for the student in the classroom, at home, or anywhere else. Once you have an activity you like, you can share it with your immediate colleagues, or with the whole Scoutlier community.

Use Our Templates

To get you started, or to help “level up” your teaching, we provide research-based activity templates that are designed as a foundation to develop your instruction. These can be accessed in the Design Bank library of activities when you login to your account. Then you can borrow and adapt it to meet your needs.


Quickly capture invaluable discussions, reflections, vocab checks, proof of work, science probes for daily practice and to inform your next steps for teaching. Templates include Level 1 – End of Class Reflection and Level 1 – Peer Assessment


Embed questions, models, investigations, argument, discussion and more in learning experiences that address course content and standards. Templates include Level 2 – Ask Questions and Build a Model and Level 2 – Engineering Design Process


Unleash Discovery. Build a learning culture of confidence, creativity and innovation through open inquiry, design thinking, Project Based Learning and capstone projects. Templates include Level 3 – Science and Engineering Practice Integration and Level 3 – 5E Instructional Model

Access Expert Content

In partnership with expert curriculum writers and leading curriculum providers we provide a growing library of standards-aligned activities and curricula. Email us for more information on these resources.


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