Welcome to Scoutlier, product of Aecern, LLC, a pioneering woman-owned education technology company committed to fostering effective and equitable learning outcomes for students of all backgrounds through an innovative, all-in-one application. At Scoutlier, our sole mission is to deliver an accessible and high-impact learning platform and to empower every student to achieve exceptional educational success.

Our Story

Emerging from the minds of educators and scientists at MIT’s Sana Project and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Scoutlier was founded in 2018. The application acts as a potent tool for capturing both in-person and remote evidence of student learning and provides a real-time overview of the entire classroom. Aecern’s Scoutlier was incubated at 4.0 Schools and has raised over $3 million in federal grants and revenue to pilot and develop the application. Some the start-up’s vital funding was received from the Office of Naval Research Education and Workforce and the Naval STEM Coordination Office. Scoutlier (derived from “Scouting for the Outlier“) draws inspiration from the belief that breakthroughs achieved by individuals or small groups can shape successful strategies that benefit all participants. 


In 2019, Scoutlier was chosen as a “Top Pick for Learning” by Common Sense Education. Scoutlier also secured a position as “Editor’s Pick” from All Digital School in 2019. And in Fall 2021, Aecern was one of 58 (out of 3,000) start-ups selected to join the MassChallenge, a global network of innovators. 

Scoutlier proudly receives support from esteemed organizations committed to advancing educational access and opportunities. Our partners include the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and visionary foundations such as 4.0 Schools, the VELA Foundation and New Schools.

Our Journey

Beginning with a STEM focus tied to diverse careers, Scoutlier now supports over 3,000 educators across a wide range of subjects. These include Art, Music, SEL, Special Education, Vocational Training and more. Delivering a personalized and data-driven learning approach, educators nationwide have reported that our application has enhanced the learning experience within their classrooms and increased student engagement. We have also developed an extensive library of classroom support materials and activities. 

Complete Support

With our teacher community and designated curriculum developers, Scoutlier offers robust, expert-crafted resources for face-to-face, hybrid and remote learning. Our expertise covers high-need areas that prove invaluable:

Robotics and Coding with FIRST® LEGO® League

Remote STEM with Stanford University’s SCALE Initiative

SEL with 4.0 Schools

Innovation and Design Thinking (tuned for ELL students) with The Center for Education Innovation 

Connect with Us

Eager to learn more about Scoutlier and our initiatives? Please get in touch with us! We’re thrilled to understand your school’s needs and find ways Scoutlier can be the solution!


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