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Grow your future workforce with us!

Scoutlier is seeking innovative companies to improve workforce development through community outreach and educational opportunities. We want to support you in your mission to develop and attract the next-generation of prepared, engaged and diverse workforce.

Experiential Learning for Career Interest and Preparedness

Scoutlier has established itself as the leading tool to build students’ awareness, interest, and identity in the emerging ideas, skills, and technologies required of the future workforce. Scoutlier will help you build brand awareness and support education systems simultaneously.

Through partnerships with companies, higher ed, and government agencies, we provide teachers and informal educators across the US with a career readiness and development tool called Rapid Innovation™. These digital, experiential learning programs immerse students into career development by having them actively participate in the work, meet the people, and see the impact of emerging career fields. These learning opportunities increase student engagement and performance and encourage them to pursue academic and career paths aligned with our partners’ needs, including entering internship and college programs with the greatest gains achieved in underserved communities where there is the most significant latent workforce potential.

How to Get Involved?

Schedule a call with a Rapid Innovation™ program lead. This 30 minute call will explore how our instructional designers can create a challenge around your company, people, ideas, tech and skills! It takes less than 3 hours of commitment from you and we do the rest. To get involved, email Brandy@aecern.com.


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