Scoutlier works with your laptop, tablet, or phone.

With your web browser and an Assignment Code from your teacher you can join in at Share your ideas and observations with your class.

Your teacher may also share assignments with you through a Google Classroom. Your Google Classroom account is probably your school email address.

We do not advertise, sell or share your data.

Learning offline or on the go?

Download free mobile apps for Android and iOS devices with the app store links below.

Update: We will update the apps for activity access with Assignment Codes soon! Now they only work through your Google Classroom account. If you’re unsure, ask your teachers if they are sharing through Google Classroom.

Google Play
Apple App Store

Using mobile apps with your Google Classroom account

  1. On Wi-Fi or your data plan, sign in to the scoutlier app with your Google Classroom account (probably your school email address)
  2. Click on your assignment to download it
  3. Go! Now you can work on or offline and your answers will be saved
  4. Hit [Submit] when you’re back online
  5. Sign in to see class answers on your web browser


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