Enhancing Google Classroom with Scoutlier

In addition to logging in through Google and Microsoft, Scoutlier is now fully integrated with Google Classroom. 

If you’re a Google Classroom teacher you already know that it does a great job organizing our students and allowing us to pass documents and assignments back and forth. But if we want to structure and collect student work, especially if we want to use multimedia like video and audio we need to use other applications.

Scoutlier addresses this need and can be fully integrated and used within Google Classroom. It provides a free, flexible, and intuitive online learning, collaboration and assessment platform, where students can show evidence of their learning through text, video, audio and more;  anywhere, anytime and on any device.

To learn more about how to use Scoutlier to enhance your online teaching through Google Classroom check out this video.

Watch Video: Enhancing Google Classroom

Log in and try Scoutlier with Google Classroom, today!

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