Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day 2020 - Wednesday, April 22

This year’s theme is Climate Action
If you’re wondering what type of activities you can do to celebrate, we’re providing you FREE activities that your students can do during lockdown from the comfort of their homes using our web-based platform or iOS and Google apps on mobile devices. Activities range from Elementary to High School and links below are a “preview” of the student experience. The activity can be reached by logging in and going to the library.

Activity 1: Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Grades K-8
In Virtual Scavenger Hunt, students search for Earth items like clouds, rocks, water, etc. by taking or uploading pictures. They add a short video on their favorite item. This activity can be easily adapted.

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Activity 2: Virtual Nature Seeker

Grades 6-8
In Virtual Nature Seeker, students choose an interesting plant or animal, take or upload pictures of it, add some clues about it, and then ask their classmates to guess what it is. Students should stay safe and practice appropriate social distancing measures when doing this assignment.

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Activity 3: Sustain the Change

Grades 6-12+

The theme for Earth Day this year is Climate Action. And, despite all the hardships we are facing due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, this is the time to act because there is evidence that Earth may be healing itself a little while human activity is decreased. But can we sustain this change?

In this 2 part activity, students first explore the Science related to the reduction in air pollution resulting from changes in human activity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Then they imagine and describe ways that we could sustain this reduction long-term. They submit multimedia responses and materials and can collaborate with their peers.

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