Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is essential for student success. We know that our students learn best by doing. Students succeed when they interact with content, practice skills, and apply what they know to real applications. As we return to school and face-to-face learning, teachers are eager to get back to hands-on learning. Scoutlier helps to design, deliver and assess experiential learning. Scoutlier supports teachers in providing effective and efficient learning opportunities for their students.


Students are supported by personalized lessons to match their learning needs and automated processes that document their learning in multiple formats using any electronic device. Teachers get real-time data on their students’ progress.  Case studies show Scoutlier improved the rate with which students attempted new assignments and submitted correct responses during virtual learning, compared to tools already in use. Teachers could focus on assisting students with content because of reduced student need for IT support.


Scoutlier has partnered with other content providers and organizations to develop curriculum and activities that you can immediately use with your students or modify to meet your needs. We have a growing community of practice that share teacher-created activities for you to use. Schools and districts can also create their own libraries of curriculum and activities. Contact us to learn how.


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