Rapid Innovation Challenges™

Rapid Innovation CHALLENGES™ Rapid Innovation Challenges™ are digital, experiential learning programs that immerse students into career development by having them actively participate in the work, meet the people and see the impact of emerging career fields. These 3-4 day learning opportunities increase student engagement and performance and encourage them to Read more…

Teacher Story – Brandy Jackson

My journey as a teacher has been wild and winding. As a military spouse, I have worked in 9 districts, taught nine subject areas and eight different grade levels. I have worked in tiny schools of only 180 students k-12 and been Teacher of the Year in a district of 24,000 teachers. I have become a master of adapting to new systems, curriculums, and technology tools. I had to for survival, so it is pretty rare for me to see something in EdTech that is so new and transformative that it makes me stop and recognize that something is different, but that is exactly what happened with Scoutlier.

FIRST at Home

FIRST ® @ HOME on Scoutlier Engineering Design Thinking, Robotics & Coding Access the FREE engineering, design, robotics, and coding activities developed by FIRST ® on a platform that breaks every lesson down into clear tasks and steps, provides prompts and supporting information along the way, lets students document what Read more…

Rapid Innovation

Rapid Innovation CHALLENGES Design Thinking & STEM Program Join our Navy Scientists and Engineers to help them develop solutions to critical challenges they face as they drive innovation in cutting-edge fields. Students (Secondary and Higher Ed) work in virtual or in-person teams, guided by design-thinking, prototyping, and iterative design scaffolds Read more…



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